Primary Healthcare in Mental Health and Psychology

Mental health of an individual is foundation of an individual's emotional, psychological and social well - being. When an individual is suffering from a particular disease, there occurs a mental trauma too, that sometimes delays the recovery process too. So, introduction of palliative care with primary health care can thereby amplify the method of recovery and supply strength to the patient and his/her family to travel through that. A sound mind can keep a body sound too, so investment wiped out physical well-being should be shared with the mental well- being too, because it is as necessary on be fit physically. Integrating psychological state care in primary healthcare are going to be regarded much sufficient to treat a patient more efficiently. The study of human mind and its function is psychology. The psychological issues are consulted during a primary healthcare psychology where the appliance of psychological knowledge and therefore the principles to psychological state problems like depression, anxiety, behavior, abnormality and customary physical problems to the patient who experience throughout the life. Integrating psychology professionals into medical care is a complicated access to psychological state services.

  • Psychological Abnormalities
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Behavioral Psychology
  • Personality and Social Psychology
  • Abnormal Psychology

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